Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lambda Lounge KC

So today I attended my first ever developers meetup and it happened to be the inaugural Lambda Lounge KC (LLKC). The goal of this meetup group is to talk about and inform people of the power of functional programming. The reason why this meetup sparked my interest is because I've recently tried to learn scala. However, while trying to learn scala, I felt myself using much more OOP than functional programming because scala provides both options to the programmer. So I thought attending this meetup would be a good way to hear from others on the proper way to use functional languages.

During tonight's meetup, we were lucky enough to have 2 presenters:

  • Jim Duey - Who gave a brief introduction to functional programming through the use of Clojure
  • Andy Gill - Who talked about how his academic research utilizes Haskell
I thought both of these presentations were very interesting and helpful to understand why functional programming can be better in situations than OOP.

I look forward to the next meeting and hearing more about this new paradigm of programming.

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