Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I currently started to work on a new side project, scget. It's a command line tool that will allow users to easily download songs from SoundCloud. SoundCloud does allow downloads from the browser, but that requires one to navigate to the page, click download on each song they want, and specify an output folder. This command line tool is going to be simple, yet powerful alternative to downloading from the browser.

Some of the options that have already been thought of are:
  • Download a single song
  •  scget <trackUrl>  
  • Download multiple songs
  •  scget <trackUrl1> <trackUrl2> ... <trackUrlN>  
  • Download all songs from a particular artist
  •  scget -dj <userUrl>  
  • And of course, the ability to specify a download folder
  •  scget <trackUrl> -o <folder>  
Obviously this would be easier than having to navigate the webpage because you could just queue up a bunch of urls to download and then hit go. It will do all of the processing behind the scenes while you get back to what you were doing before.

For this project, I am working in collaboration with Josh Branchaud on this project because not only are we great friends, but we both love SoundCloud. You can follow our progress on this command line tool on our github page.

P.S. - If you have any suggestions about other functionality that should be included in this tool feel free to leave it in a comment.

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