Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SCGet Status Update

Recently both Josh and I have been busy with soundcloud-get (scget) and it has been coming along quite nicely. We feel confident that it is currently at a stable place and are looking into how to release a python project and tag it as version 1.0.

The current command line options that scget supports are:

  • -u <song_url>- Downloads a song from the specified song url. This parameter can be provided multiple times.
  • -a <artist_url> - Downloads all songs from the specified artist url.
  • -o <folder> - Folder to download all songs to. If not provided or doesn't exist, all songs are downloaded to the current directory.
  • -m - If provided, downloads are multi-threaded.
  • -st <track_name> - Searches for tracks that are similar to the provided name and prints their titles.
  • -sa <artist_name> - Searches for artists that are similar to the provided name and prints their names.
  • -l <number> - Limits the number of results pulled back from either the search track or search artist queries. If not provided, each search defaults to 20 results.
Once we figure out how to release this project we do have a few ideas of what still needs to come for this project:
  • Ways for the user to choose songs/artists to download from the provided search results.
  • Being able to provide a yaml configuration instead of having so many command line arguments.
  • Add a default download directory structure instead of just the current directory.
  • Thread pooling for multi-threaded downloads to better manage the many download threads.
  • Track down Unicoder Coercion errors that happen on occasion.
Though, for now it is all working fine and as expected for almost all cases which is why we want to release it now and then tackle these other issues.

Remember you can always watch the progress of this project on our github page.

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